The Government vide GO.Ms.No.1573, Rev(Ex-II) Dep,Dt:20.08.2005 have reorganized the Proh & Excise Department and bifurcated the area of jurisdiction of District Proh. & Excise Officer.

I. Geographical Area :

District Proh & Excise Officer Khammam consists with borders, East by Andhra Pradesh State, West by Mahabubabad and Suryapeta District’s, North by Bhadradri Kothagudem District and the South by Andhra Pradesh State, with (21) Mandals and (380) Revenue Villages.

II. Staff pattern of District Proh & Excise Office Khammam:

The Proh. & Excise Department in the District is headed by the District Proh. & Excise Officer, shall work under control of the Dy. Commissioner of Proh. & Excise Khammam & Commissioner of Proh. & Excise, T.S., Hyderabad (H.O.D). There are (7) Proh. & Excise Stations at Khammam District. The (7) Excise Stations are headed by the Proh & Excise Inspectors’ in the department. (2) temporary’s check post are established at the out skirts.


Names of the Excise Officers Working in Khammam District
Sl. No. Name of the Officer Designation Telephone Numbers
1 V.Somi Reddy District Proh. & Excise Officer 9440902669
2 B.Kiran Asst. District Proh. & Excise Officer 9440902670
3 P.Poshetti P&EI, DTF, Khammam 7386719995
4 K.Raju Station House Officer, Khammam-I 9440902671
5 L. Jaya Sree Station House Officer, Khammam-II 9440902684
6 R.Viejender Station House Officer, Nelakondapally 9440902672
7 V.Ramya Station House Officer, Wyra 9440902673
8 K.Nageswara Rao Station House Officer, Madhira 9440902674
9 B.Ramprasad Station House Officer, Sathupally 9440902675
10 Md.Julfikar Ahmad Station House Officer, Singareni 9440902677

III.A4 shops/2B bars in the District.  & Revenue Aspects:

There are (89) A4 retail shops,(35) Bars & (2) C1 clubs are running in the District. The main source of revenue for Khammam District from Excise Wing is through them. Besides, there are (237) T.C.S Shops against (207) TCSs  and (14) Toddy licensees under T.F.Ts.


It is submitted that Khammam District now I.D. free District.

Preventive measures for control of crime :

I.D. raids :

The Station House Officer’s shall identify the A, B, C category villages and ensure that they should conduct raids at “A” category I.D. centers at least (3) times, “B” category I.D. centers at least (2) times and all the “C” category I.D. centers should be covered at least once in a month.

Checking of A4 shops/2B bars/Toddy Shops :

The Station House Officers shall inspect and check all the A4 shops, 2B bars, C1 club and Toddy shops to detect storage of Non-Duty Paid Liquor in IML shops and adulterants in the Toddy Depots/Shops. The licensees should maintain day-wise/brand-wise registers. Cases shall be booked against licensees for violation of licensing conditions such as Non-Maintenance of Accounts Registers, Timings, MRP, Dilution, etc. They should draw and test toddy regularly to find out adulteration, if any and also send samples drawn to Chemical Examiner, RPEL, Warangal duly drawing the samples from the suspected shops on daily basis.

V. TSBCL unit :

All the A4, 2B & C1 licensees presently purchasing the IML/Beer stocks through TSBCL unit i.e., IML Depot, Wyra which is situated in Proh. & Excise District Khammam. IML depot is headed by Depot Manager.


Name of the Station Total No. of T.C.Ss Total No. of TFT shops Total No.of Tappers
Khammam-I 29 0 2376 0
Khammam-II 30 1 2346 3
Nelakondapally 45 3 3387 10
Wyra 36 3 1764 3
Madhira 30 3 1624 28
Sathupally 36 4 2279 5
Singareni 1 0 35 0
Total 207 14 13811 49


Rehabilitation Scheme Under ESS

  • The Government of Telangana have decided to rehabilitate the Gudumba effected persons under specially designed rehabilitation scheme as part of Economic Support Scheme of various Welfare departments and also allotted an amount of Rs. 918.00 lakhs for (459) Units with each Unit Cost of Rs.2.00 lakhs to the Khammam District and grounded the same in the Dist.
  • By putting all the above efforts, the Proh & Excise department made the Khammam District as 100% ID free. Once again, the department verified the ground level crime situation with the help of Police, Revenue and Panchayathraj department and confirmed 100% of ID eradicate in the entire district and also obtained ID free certificates at Village, Mandal and Division levels.

Haritha Haram

  • Under Haritha Haram Programme (TKHH), Khammam district total target for 2020-21 is 1.00 lakh, and achieved 100% target.
  • Under Haritha Haram Programme (TKHH), Khammam district total target for 2021-25 is 0.50 lakhs, and achieved 70% of target up to  25-7-2021.

Ex-gratia cases

Ex-gratia reported and settled cases information are submitted here under

Cases settled during the period from  01-04-2014 to 25-07-2021
Sl.No Year Budget allotted in Lakhs Cases claimed & Paid
1 2015-16 14.50 Lakhs 20 13 03 36
2 2016-17 02.00 Lakhs 10 02 0 12
3 2017-18 09.80 Lakhs 03 03 04 10
4 2018-19 20.20 Lakhs 22 16 05 43
5 2019-20 02.40 Lakhs 24 0 0 24
6 2020-21 0.20 Lakhs 02 0 0 02
7 2021-22 20.80 Lakhs 08 3 1 12
Total 69.9 Lakhs 89 37 13 139
Reported during the period of 01-04-2019 to 25-07-2021
Sl.No TD/PD/Death Cases Reported Sanctioned Rejected Pending Pending for reasons
1 TD 18 9 9
2 PD 14 03 1 10 Pending at Medical Board, Khammam
3 Death 2 1 0 1 Under enquiry
Total 34 13 10 11

I am submitting here with Khammam District profile pertains to District Prohibition & Excise Office, Khammam for kind perusal.

District Proh. & Excise Officer,