Employment Office

The Employment Exchange enrolls the Un-employed youth to assist them in getting Employment opportunities. Based on their Educational qualification, age, caste and registration seniority , their names will be sponsored against the vacancies notified.

District Employment Exchange:

It deals with candidates of SSC to Graduation, B.Ed., T.T.C., Diploma , I.T.I and all Language Pandit training Cources , Computer & Typing courses and all Certificate courses passed.Online Registration: From January, 2018 on wards total Employment Registrations and renewals along with additional qualifications are done in online portal only for the convenient of unemployed youth.

Overview of Employment Services implemented in Employment Exchanges:

  • Registration of unemployed youth of district according to their qualification
  • Render employment assistance to job seekers.
  • Assist employers in recruitment of personnel by sponsoring suitable registrants.
  • Furnish information on unemployment and also employment trends to the planners.
  • Render vocational guidance to employment seekers and students.
  • Motivate and assist unemployed youth in taking up self-Employment ventures.
  • Collect information from employers about their future man power requirements, assess the availability of required personnel and submit that information to Directorate and DGE&T, New Delhi.
  • Undertake occupational research and make available career literature to students and job seekers.
  • Enforcement of Employment Exchange (compulsory notification of vacancies) Act, 1959.
No. of Establishments in Public sector Employment  in Public No. of Establishments in Private sector Employment  in Private sector
301 7975 200 11916


Sl. No. No.of candidates 2014 2015 2016  to Jan-2017 Feb,2017 to Jan, 2018
1 Registered 6284 11786 4667 4058
2 Notified 34 52 65 50
3 Placements 238 360 653 225
4 Live Register 95067 105954 102239 100365

Job Melas:-

This office has been conducting Job Melas with Private Companies and placing the unemployed youth in Private Sector.  The details of Job Melas and Placements are shown below:


Job Meals Last 4 Years
Slno Job Melas 2014 2015 2016 To Jan-2017 2016 To Jan-2017
1 No. of Job Melas conducted 19 33 29 23
2 No. of Candidates Attended 612 4683 8832 7070
3 No. of candidates placed 215 2127 4252 3366