Educational Activities

New academic year 2017-18 started on 21.03.2017, After summer vacation schools are re-opened on 12.06.2017.
Uniforms and Text books to all the children before academic year starting for Govt and Local body students.By the instructions of the Govt.of Telangana English Medium schools are opened in the district details as below.

School Information
Sno Discription Values
1 Name of the District Khammam
2 Area of the District 4,360 Sq.KMs
3 No.of Revenue Mandals 21
4 No.of Grama Pachayaths 380
5 No.of Mandal Resource Centres 427
6 No.of Mandal Resource Centres 21
7 No.of Habitations 1151
8 Child Popluation (6-10) of age group – All 70468
9 Child Popluation (6-10) of age group – Boys 35570
10 Child Popluation (6-10) of age group – Girls 34898
11 Child Popluation (11-14) of age group – All 78507
12 Child Popluation (11-14) of age group – Boys 40665
13 Child Popluation (11-14) of age group – Girls 37842
14 No.of Navodaya High Schools 1
15 No.of Kendriya Vidyalayas 1
16 No.of Central Schools 0
17 No.of KGBV 14
18 No.of Urban Deprived Schools (URS) 01
19 No.of CAL Schools (Computer Aided Learning) 60
20 No.of ICT Schools 137
21 No.of Success Schools 124
23 No.of Cluster Resource Persons 127
24 No.of DLMTs 01
26 No.of Physiotherapists 80
27 No.of MIS Co-ordinators working at MRCs 21
28 No.of CCOs working at MRCs 21
29 No.of Part-time Instructors (under SSA 63
30 No.of Vidya Volunteers 371
31 No.of Part-time Workers (Scavengers) 1157

District obtained 13th place SSC Results of March-2017 ,Total appeared :19127 and Total passed :16747 with 61%. Under NGRIEGS Scheme 231 Kitchen sheds are construction is under process in the district. Proposals are submitted for higher authorities for sanction where is required.Out of 255 Govt. and Local body schools 230 schools are conducting Digital Classes. In present academic year 138 K-Yans was sanctioned and distributed to the schools for conducting of Digital Classes.In the present academic year 2017-18 (371) Vidya Volunteers were sanctioned where is the required and honorarium was paid to them upto March-2018.In the present academic year 2017-18 (1157) Part-time workers (i.e., Sweepers/Scavengers) were sanctioned where is required and honorarium was paid upto the March-2018.In 81 School Complexes (127) Cluster Resource Persons Re-engaged from 01.05.2017.Badi Bata Phase-I was conducted from 04.04.2017 to 13.04.2017 and 61467 students were identified and 48951 students were joined in various schools. Badi Bata Phase-II was conducted from 13.06.2017 to 17.06.2017 and 13620 students were identified and 17053 students were joined in various schools.

Duel Desks

District Collector was sanctioned an amount of Rs. 1.00 crore for 2380 Duel Desks from District Crucial Fund and the same was distributed to SSC Centres and Girls High Schools where is required.An amount of Rs.59,64,000/- one day basic pay collected from the all the Employees who are working in the districts from all Departments and 1420 Duel Desks were purchased and distributed where is needy schools. Hon’ble MLAs of Wyra, Khammam, Sathupally, Madhira constituencies were sanctioned 994 Duel Desks from their MLA funds and order placed.(53) Girls, (34) Boys total (88) Disfucntional Toilets of 53 schools were repaired before the School re-opening.333 Rooms are arranged for shifting of Anganwadies in the district.In Haritha Haram 59429 Plants of Planted in Schools.

Mid Day Meals Scheme :-

In Khammam district all the students studying from class 1 to X in all Govt, Pachayat Raj and Adided Schools were provided Mid Day Meals using super fine rice (sanna biyayam) according to the Menu communicated by the Government of Telangana.


Schools Information School Name Total
1 Primary Schools 1031
2 Upper Primary Schools 425
3 High Schools 223


MDM Programme In The District
Sno Class Total
 1 I to V 49862
2 IV to VII 30425
3 IX and X 21445

Implementation of Revised Menu:-

Instructions have been issued to all Mandal Educational Officers and Head
Day wise Revised Menu
Day :- 1 Rice + Egg + vegetables Curry
Day :- 2 Rice + Dhal with leafy vegetable
Day :- 3 Rice + Egg + vegetables Curry
Day :- 4 Rice + Samba with vegetables
Day :- 5 Rice + Egg +legume vegetables Curry
Day :- 6 Special Rice like vegetables biryani*


Submission of Activities performed during 2017-18:

  1. Sanctioned RMSA Grants for 225 High Schools and Rs.50,000/- released to SMDC Accounts.
  2. Identified Children with Special Needs (CwSN) data entered in the concerned website for releasing of incentives.
  3. Conducted training for 1493 teachers in Maths, Physics, Bio.Science and Social Studies from 02.06.2017 to 09.06.2017 at Govt.DIET, Khammam and Lurthumatha High School, Thallada.
  4. Conducted Training Learning Out comes for all School Assts in the district from 24.07.2017 to 25.07.2017.
  5. Conducted training for all School Assts in the district on 3RS and Learning out comes 26.07.2017 to 28.07.2017.

District Educational Office,