General Activities performed during 2021-22:

  • New academic year 2021-21 started on 25.05.2021 to all management schools. Online class started to all students studying 3rd to 10th class in government management school through T-sat and DD yadagiri TV channels .
  • Distribution of NT books to 89297 students completed and Distribution of Uniforms (2 pairs) to student in process for the year 2021-22.
  • By the instructions of the Govt.of Telangana 487 English Medium schools are opened in the district.
  • District SSC Results of March-2021.
    Total appeared: 17623, Total passed: 17622, Pass percentage: 99.99
  • Under NGRIEGS Scheme 231 Kitchen sheds constructions are under process in the district. Proposals are submitted for higher authorities for sanction where is required.
  • Out of 255 Govt. and Local body High schools, 230 schools are conducting Digital Classes at present academic year 213 K-Yans were sanctioned and distributed to the schools for conducting of Digital Classes.
  • In 81 School Complexes (117) Cluster Resource Persons were Re-engaged from 25.04.2021.
  • Financial Assistance to Pvt.Teachers (5490) those who were working in Pvt.Management Schools was distributed Rs.2000/- and 25 KGs Rice to each for the month of April, May & June-2021 completed.


  • In Haritha Patashala – Haritha Telangana 33588 required plants for 2019-20 and planted plants 12491.
  • Conducted Haritha Haram on 17.02.2020 in all management schools and planted 29878.
  • Conducted Haritha Haram on 17.02.2021 in all management schools and planted 8386.

Mid Day Meals Scheme:-

  • In Khammam district all the students studying from class 1 to X in all Govt, Pachayat Raj and Adided Schools were provided Mid Day Meals using super fine rice (sanna biyayam) according to the Menu communicated by the Government of Telangana.

MDM No.of Schools & Enrollment:

  • 79976 Students are taking meals under MDM programme in the District at present.
School Information School Names No.of Schools Enrollments No.of Enrollments Cooking Cost
1 Primary Schools 827 I to V classes 43024 Rs.4.97
2 Upper Primary Schools 197 IV to VIII Classes 20809 Rs.7.65
3 High Schools 221 IX and X Classes 16143 Rs.9.65
(Egg is providng weekly thrice @ Rs.4/- per egg (Including Egg cost)
1.Rice @ 100gms for primary school
2.Rice @150gms for upper primary school

Implementation of Revised Menu:-

Instructions have been issued to all Mandal Educational Officers and Head
Day wise Revised Menu
Day :- 1 Rice + Egg + vegetables Curry
Day :- 2 Rice + Dhal with leafy vegetable
Day :- 3 Rice + Egg + vegetables Curry
Day :- 4 Rice + Samba with vegetables
Day :- 5 Rice + Egg +legume vegetables Curry
Day :- 6 Special Rice like vegetables biryani*
  • All the Head Masters are submitting every day attendance report about Mid Day Meal through Automated Monitoring System.

Cook Cum Helpers:-

  • Honorarium to cook cum helpers @ 1000/- per month
  • Total No. Of Cook Cum Helpers in the district is 2434 are working during the year 2019-20.
  • CCH engaged for 1-25 children – 1 CCH ,26 – 100 – 2 CHH ,Every hundred – 1 CHH additionally engaged.

N.T. Books For the year 2020-21:-

Distribution of text books to be completed to school point 417666
Net Requirement of Text Books is 567420
For this year 2020-21 No of Books Received 415130
Total Dispatched 417666
Ground Balance 5889

Bala Activity:-

  • Building as a learning by Aid work through paintings on walls started, tenders called for AWCs with own building are 892 and rent free building running in school premises are 326 for own building funding from RIDF, APIP, NABARD, MGNREG.

District Science Fairs:-

  • 758 Schools are nominated their project and students for the2019 &20. and 249 students are awarded . Each Awardee will get Rs.10,000/- NGC Clubs are formed in school level and each school will get Rs.2500/-
  • District level science fair conducted from December 5th to 6th ,2019 at TSWRS Wyra
  • Under the 6 sub themes and totally 331 exhibits are registered and participated in District level science fair. Inspire Manak Schools Registration and Nominations.
  • Mathematics Day Celebrations on 22nd December at School & Dist.Level.
  • Science Day Celebrations on 28th February at School & Dist.Level.
  • Already completed Southern India National Science Drama Festival-2019 conducted on 13th November-2019 at TSRS Girls Wyra.
  • Last year Khammam District participated Southern level at Bangluru.

CSR initiatives in School Education Deportment:

The Power Finance Corporation (PFC) Ltd for providing certain amenities to the schools.

Total127718305——2177.47 Intervention No.of Schools No.of Rooms required Unit Cost Est. cost
1 ACRs 89 166 8.30 1377.8
2 Duel Desks 1069 18139 0.030 544.17
3 BaLA activity 119 —— Rs.50/- 255.5
The MIDHANI Ltd authorities for providing following Duel desks and Toilets under CSR

Total3170870.854 Intervention No.of Schools Nos Est. Cost Lakhs Remarks
1 Duel desks 18 687 28.854
2 Toilets 13 21 42.00
Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) providing Duel desks to schools under CSR. No.of schools No.of Duels desks Remarks
1 832 13855



Activities performed during 2020-21 & 2021-22:-

I.Academic Monitoring Wing :

  1. Monthly academic progress reviews were conducted at School level with the teachers by every Head Master
  2. In complex level, the Complex Head Masters conduct reviews with under schools, teachers on curricular and co-curricular activities in every month in Primary level – First Week, Upper Primary level – Last Week.
  3. In Mandal level the MEO is visiting and monitoring of Online classes at last 20 schools in his jurisdiction and monthly reviews to all the Head Masters was conducting on academic activities and progress of the students.
  4. Subject wise teams were formed with experts at the District level and the teams monitoring some schools in each Mandal visit report and suggestions are submitting to the concerned Head Masters and Mandal Educational Officers.
  5. In every month, in every school student performances, reviews were conducted and discussed with the parents and steps taken to the low achievers for further improvement of their progress.
  6. School Grants and Maintenance Grants were released to all schools in the financial year 2019-20 and deposited in the concerned SMC accounts as per school strength as below :
Category Enrolment Slab Amount in Rs.
Primary Schools 1 to 100 15000
Upper Primary Schools 101 to 250 30000
High Schools 251 to 1000 40000
Local body managements 1000 above 60000
  1. Released Complex Grants for every complex @ Rs.22, 000/- and MRC Grant for every MRC @ Rs.80, 000/- for financial year 2020-21.
  2. In every Mandal two schools were selected under Swacchapatasala and cash awards @ Rs.1500/- for my prize, @ Rs.1000/- for II Prize are given to the best schools.
  3. Under Pade Bharath – Bade Bharath scheme awards will be given @ Rs.3000/- to the best schools having a maximum enrollment in 1st and 2nd class in every Mandal for providing classroom decorations and purchase of learning material to 1st and 2nd class students.

II.Community Mobilization Wing:

  1. Swachcha Patashala Programme has been implemented in all schools.
  2. School Management Committee (SMC) Elections were conducted during 2019-20 for Development of Schools and implementation of all the SSA activities. instructed to conduct by monthly SMC meetings at school level
  3. All activities conducted by SSA, were given to the News items for wide publicity through news papers and electronic media.

III. Inclusive Education Wing :

  1. For CwSN children all Educational Activities are conducted in Bhavitha Centres by the trained Inclusive Education Resource Persons (IERPs).
  2. For CwSN children all Aids & Appliances, Wheel Chairs, Tricycles, Ear Phones, Spectacles, etc., were distributed during 2020-21.
  3. For CwSN children, inclusive education was given and physiotherapy and speech therapy activities conducted to needy CwSN children and appliances were also distributed to the needy children. The CwSN are streamlined and motivation was given to them so as to accustom for concentration studies on par with the normal students.
  4. On 03.12.2020 World Disabled Day celebrations will be conducted.

IV.Alternative School Education Wing :

  1. Conducted surveys along with DRDA for collecting the information for out of school children about age groups of 6-8 years, 9-14 years. The survey was conducted with all the Headmasters, CRPs and IERPs.
  2. Out of School Children (278) were identified through survey by CRPs.
  3. One Urban Deprived Residential School (UDRS) was running at Khammam Urban for the children of street children, beggars, etc.,
  4. 3099 students for Transportation facilities are to be provided to the eligible students during 2020-21.

V. Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas:

  1. Kastruba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas were started for girls where the illiteracy rate in more in mandals. In the KGBVs SC, ST, OBC & Minority students are to be given admissions for those who are dropout, never enrolled not having parents and who are under poverty line.
  2. In KGBVs 6th to X classes are having with total strength of 200 students.
  3. In Khammam District 14 KGBVs are running under the Management of SSA.
  4. CC Cameras were provided for all KGBVs in Khammam district.
  5. In all KGBVs, health camps were conducted.
  6. For implementation of CAL programme Computer Instructors were appointed students are benefitted for learning computer education.
  7. All the necessary amenities were provided to all the students i.e., 1) Text books, 1) Note books, 3) Dresses, 4) Trunk Boxes, 5) Blankets, 6) Duel cum Benches and Desks, 7) Boarding and Lodging facilities.
  8. All the infrastructure facilities were provided including compound wall.
  9. Health kits for all children supplied for all KGBV Students.
  10. O. Plants initialized in all KGBVs.
  11. Distribution of Bed Sheets to all KGBV Students.
  12. From this academic year (2018-19) 03 in the academic year (2019-20) 09 KGBVs were upgraded as Junior Colleges admissions and PG CRTs recruitment completed.
  13. Counselling conducted to 44 PGCRT and 06 CRTs  in varies plain KGBVs in the District.

VI.MIS Wing:

  1. In Khammam District i.e., 125 Upper Primary and KGBVs were provided Computers and Computer learning activities
  2. All the information of activities conducted in every wing of SSA are collecting and transmitting to the press media, electronic media for exhibiting the news in papers and electronic media.
  1. The complete information about students teachers, schools were collected and Aadhar childinfo was created and incorporated in the website. All information are sending through online and submitting to the State Project Director, TSSA, Hyderabad. 21 aadhar kits were given to MIS Co-ordinators at Mandal Level for updated aadhar.
  2. UDISE 2019-20 work was in process and the work was submitted to Commissioner & Director of School Education and Ex-Officio, State Project Director, TSSA, Hyderabad after completion .
  3. Data uploaded to “Mobile App TS Schools” which is developed by the NIC
  • School Infra Structure(SIS) & Monitoring
  • Toilet monitoring
  • School Visit
  • Haritha Haaram
  • Aspirational District Infrastructure Photos.
  1. Tranportasation for children in the year of 2019-20 online entry completed.
  2. Vaccination of teachers monitoring.
  3. Finacial assistance to all Pvt Management teachers due to COVID -19.
  4. Online class attendance and digital devices to students data monitoring.

Civil Works Under construction in the district :-

  • 1 Construction of ACR”S :49
  • 2 Construction of Toilets :40
  • 3 Construction of science Labs :09
  • 4 Construction of Ramps :25
  • 5 Construction of KGBV Building at Raghunadhapalem (V&M)
  • 6 Construction of (11 Nos.) Girls Hostels for KGBVs
  • 7 Balance work of Construction of Girls Hostel to KGBV Kamepally
  • 8 Construction of Mandal Resource Centre at Raghunadhapalem (V&M)
  • 9 Works sanctioned under DMFT regarding certain amenities providing to the DIET

District Educational Office,