Cooperation Department, Khammam district is headed by the District Cooperative Officer, Khammam. Khammam District is having 12 field areas for 21 Mandals. There is one Asst. Registrar in Each Field area assisted by Senior Inspector and Junior Inspector who will look after administrative work as well as Audit work. There is one Deputy Registrar working as Audit Officer to look after Audit of Cooperative Societies.

Functions of the Cooperation Department:

The following are the functions of the Departmental Staff over the Societies registered under the Telangana Cooperative Societies Act, 1964 and Andhra Pradesh Mutually Aided Cooperative Societies Act, 1995.  There are 1281 societies registered under 1964 Act  and 1586 under MACS Act.

  1.  Registration of the Cooperative Societies under above Acts
  2. Elections to the Coop. Societies
  3. Inspections
  4. Enquiries/Inquiries
  5. Audit of various types of Societies
  6. Surcharge
  7. Execution of Executive Petitions
  8. Arbitration
  9. Liquidation and Winding up of Societies.

Developmental Activities:

The main objective of the Cooperation Department is the socio-economic development of the people through cooperative societies. The Department is catering the needs of Agricultural Farmers in the District by providing Seasonal Agricultual Loans, Long Term  and Medium Term Loans through Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies being financed by the Khammam District Co-operative Central Bank/Telangana State Cooperative Bank/ NABARD, S.B.H. and Union Bank of India. (76) Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies are functioning in the District.

There are two Urban Banks in Khammam district namely 1. Badradri Coop.Urban Bank Ltd., Khammam and 2.Stambhadri Coop.Urban Bank Ltd., Khammam serving the general public.

The District Cooperative Central Bank Ltd, Khammam through its (27) Branches is financing for (75) Primary Agril. Coop. Societies in the District and Union Bank of India, Khammam is financing for (1) PACS. During the yaer 2021-22 loans to a tune of Rs.216.12 Crores disbursed to the farmers.

The Primary Agricultural Co-op. Societies  in Khammam district are procuring Paddy, from farmers thereby providing Minimum Support Price. During 2020-21 Rabi season  a total of 248529.40 MTs of paddy has been procured from the farmers.

All Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies in the District are doing Non-credit business i.e. supply of Fertilisers, Seeds etc. to the farmers. During the year 2021-22 Khariff  a total of 32796.64 Quintals of seed was supplied and 19196.62 MTs of fertilizer have been distributed to the farmers.