Zilla Praja Parishad, Khammam

Zilla Praja Parishads The. Effective from 01.11.1959. Before the year 1959 A.P. Andhra Area District Boards Act, 1920 and A.P. District Boards were administered under the Telangana Area District Boards Act, 1955. Balwantrao Mehta Committee A proposed a three tier approach to decentralization at the village level, zonal level and district level. Zilla Praja Parishads and Mandal Praja Parishads have been working on the A.P. Mandal Praja Parishads and Zilla Praja Parishads and District Development Review Zones Act 1986. The Andhra Pradesh Panchayati Raj Act 1964 and the Andhra Pradesh Mandal Praja Parishad, Zilla Praja Parishad, District Development Review Zones Act 1986 were replaced by the existing Andhra Pradesh Panchayati Raj Act. No.13, 1994 came into force on 30.05.1994. The Act is integrated into the Elections of Gram Panchayats, Mandal Praja Parishads and Zilla Praja Parishads, the conduct of meetings, the relationship between each level, the administrative budget reports and so on. It will be attended by the President and Vice-Presidents of Shri Zilla Praja Parishad and two co-opted members. And Members of the Hon’ble Lok Sabha, Members of the Rajya Sabha, Members of the Hon’ble Legislative Council and Hon’ble Legislators are also members of the General Assembly. He was accompanied by the District Collector, the Presidents of all the Mandal Praja Parishads in the district, the Presidents of the District Co-operative Central Banks, the Presidents of the District Co-operative Marketing Society, and the Presidents of the District Library, who were permanent invitees to the Zilla Parishad General Plenary Meetings.


Details of elected public representatives and officials of the Zilla Praja Parishad
S.No Name designation Mobile Numaber E-mail Id
1 Sri Lingala Kamal Raj Chairperson 9490098101
2 Sri S.Vinod Chief Executive Officer 9440906933 ceozpkmm[at]gmail[dot]com
3 Smt Naga Lakshmi Deputy Chief Executive Officer 7330642829 ceozpkmm[at]gmail[dot]com


Details of Public Representatives (ZPTCs) elected to the Zilla Praja Parishad
S.No Name (Sri/Smt) Mandal Mobile Number
1 Modugu Sudhir Babu Bonakal 9032580863,9949580863
2 Parchagani Tirupati Kishore Chintakani 9441318079
3 Bujji Badavat Enkoor 9666508777
4 Ajay Kumar Katta Kallur 9052529829
5 Banot Venkata Praveen Kumar Nayak Kamepalli 9440509888
6 Yendapalli Varaprasad Khammam Rural 9849782353
7 Potla Kavitha Konijella 9052559888
8 Inturi Baby Kusumanchi 9490098101
9 Kamal Raju Lingala (Chairperson) Madhira 9533742139
10 pasupuleti Durga Mudhigonda 9866350683
11 Marikanti Dhanalakshmi (Vice Chairperson) Nelakondapalli 9553435556,9949528488
12 Chekkilala Mohan Rao Penuballi 9441508117,9100587759
13 Priyanka Malothu Raghunathpalem 9440097444
14 Kusumapudi Rama Rao Sattupalli 9866549981
15 Vankudothu Jagan Singareni 9866799060
16 Pramila Dirisala Tallada 9849781999
17 Bellam Srinivas Thirumalaipalayam 9618556606
18 Maroju Sumalata Vemsoor 9848665878,9440960885
19 Namburi Kanaka Durga Wyra 9951587141
20 Seelam Kavitha Yerrupalem ———-
21 Lal Mohammad Shaikh, Co-opted Member Khammam 9963907937
22 Mohammed Ismail, Co-opted Member Khammam 9963700654


Details of MPDO’s(Mandal Parishad Development Officer) MPDO Name (Sri/Smt) Mandal Name Mobile No E-Mail Id
1 G.Sridevi Bonakal 9440906910 mpdo_2244[at]yahoo[dot]com
2 B. Ravi Kumar Chintakani 9440906911 mpdochinthakani[at]gmail[dot]com
3 B.Ashok Enkoor 9059442366 mpdoenkoor[at]yahoo[dot]in
4 T. Srinivasarao Kalluru 9440906912 mpdokalluru[at]yahoo[dot]com
5 P.V.S.N. Gupatha Kamepalli 9121236642 mpdokamepally[at]gmail[dot]com
6 B.Srinivasa Rao Khammam Rural 9440906914 mpdokmmr[at]yahoo[dot]com
7 A.Rama Devi Konijerla 9440906915 konijerla2014[at]gmail[dot]com
8 D.Karunakar Reddy Kusumanchi 9121236646 mdoksm85[at]gmail[dot]com
9 K.Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy Madhira 9440906917 mdomadhira[at]gmail[dot]com
10 D.Srinivasa Rao Mudhigonda 9440906918 mudigondampdo[at]gmail[dot]com
11 M.Chandrasekhar Nelakondapalli 9121236649 mpdonelakondapally[at]gmail[dot]com
12 K.Mahalaxmi Penuballi 9440906921 penuballi.mpdo[at]gmail[dot]com
13 R. Rama Krishna Raghunathpalem 9440906913 mpdokmmu[at]gmail[dot]com
14 Ch.Subhashini Sattupalli 9440906922 mpdomppsathupally[at]gmail[dot]com
15 K.Jamala Reddy Singareni 9440906939 smpdo[at]yahoo[dot]com
16 B.Ravindra Reddy Tallada 9440906923 mpdothallada[at]gmail[dot]com
17 B.Jayaram Thirumalayapalayam 9440906924 mpdotirumalayapalem[at]gmail[dot]com
18 N.Veeresham Vemsoor 9440906920 mnregsvemsoor[at]gmail[dot]com
19 N.Venkatapathi Raju Wyra 9121236656 mpdowyram[at]yahoo[dot]com
20 VDV Ashok Kumar Yerrupalem 9440906926 mpdoyerrupalem[at]yahoo[dot]in

Duties of the Zilla Praja Parishad:

  • Allocation of funds allotted to the district by the Central Government and the State Government to the Mandal Parishads.
  • Combining the total number of plans prepared in the zones into a district plan.
  • Reviewing and approving the budgets of the Mandal Parishads.
  • Implementing plans, projects, schemes in relation to one zonal council or two or more identical zonal councils.
  • Overseeing the activities of the Mandal Parishads.
  • Performing duties assigned by the Government in relation to development programs.
  • Giving instructions to the government regarding development programs and other service activities in the district.
  • To advise the Government on the work assigned to the Gram Panchayats and Mandal Parishads and to coordinate between them.
  • Advising the government to implement government orders specifically on matters given to the Zilla Parishad.

The administration is administered by the Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Praja Parishad.

2017-18 SFC Grant:

SFC for the year 2017-18. Z.P. The first and second tranches of the share grant were released by the Government as a general component of a total of Rs.51.35 lakhs. Such funds are deposited by the Zilla Parishad for general maintenance.

SFC for the year 2017-18. The first and second tranches of the Mandal Share Grant were released by the Government as General Component for a total of Rs.32.09 lakhs. These funds were adjusted for zonal councils according to the 2011 census.

SFC Grant progress reports:

SFC for the year 2017-18. Z.P. The first tranche of the share grant and the second tranche of Rs 51.35 lakh were released by the government as general component. A total of 11 works with an estimated value of Rs. 37.60 lakhs were sanctioned and undertaken. These 11 works are in progress.

A total of 120 works with an estimated value of `245.33 lakh were sanctioned and undertaken under the General Fund for the year 2017-18. The progress report of these works is given below.

Details of works:-
S.No Grant Name Number of works taken Estimated cost Done Progress
1 35% ZP General Fund 23 100.50 14 09
2 9% Drinking water 28 29.90 17 11
3 15% SC Funds 05 23.50 02 03
4 6% ST Funds 06 23.15 01 05
5 15% W&CW Funds 14 32.60 01 13
6 20% ZP share (MGNREGS) 44 35.68 44 0
Total:- 120 245.33 79 41

Chief Executive Officer,
Zilla Praja Parishad,