Description of the Department :

It is submitted that  the office of the Asst. Director of Mines & Geology, Khammam is old existing office  established in the month of April, 1977 with Jurisdiction of entire Khammam District. In G.O.Ms.No. 63 Ind & Comm (M.IV) Dept Dated 3-2-1982, the Government has made the entire staff of this office as Permanent.   As per the recent reorganization/ bifurcation of Districts, Revenue Divisions, Mandals  by the Government of Telangana, the Khammam District is formed with the following “02” Revenue Divisions and “21” Mandals.

Revenue Divisions:

Khammam and Kallur


Khammam Urban, Raghunathapalem, Khammam Rural, Enkoor, Tallada, Kallur, Wyra, Konijerla, Chinthakani, Bonakal, Madhira, Yerrupalem, Sattupally, Penuballi, Vemsoor, Mudigonda, Nelakondapally, Kusumanchi, Tirumalayapalem, Kamepally and Singareni.

Officials Contacts:

Sl. No Name of the Employee Designation Contact No e-mail id
1 G.Sanjay Kumar Asst.Director 9603134117 admdkmm@gmail[dot]com
2 S. Gangadhar Rao Asst. Geologist 7901627088 sgrao.sidham@gmail[dot]com
3 Y. Raja Reddy Royalty Inspector 9701024025 rajareddy.yeredla@gmail[dot]com
4 S.K. Masihuddin Superintendent 9959806272
5 T.Sridhar Surveyor 7032150614
6 N. Nagarani Junior Asst 7036522152
7 K. Praveena Chainman 9154934314
8 S. Pramod Chowkidar 9966962139
9 P. Sujana Office Subordinate 9949155119

Functions / Activities of the Department of Mines and Geology:

The Department of Mines and Geology is mainly entrusted with two types of functions namely promotional and Mineral regulatory work. The promotional function of this Department includes exploration and prospecting of Mineral deposits. The entire task of Mineral regulatory work and collection of Mineral Revenue for both Major and Minor Minerals comes under the purview of department of Mines and Geology under the control of Director of Mines and Geology. The Department advices the State Government on the Grant of Reconnaissance permits, Prospecting Licenses, Mining Lease under Mines and Minerals (Development & Regulation) Act,1957, Mineral concession Rules,1960 and Mineral conservation and development Rules,1988.


Office of the Asst.Director of Mines & Geology, Khammam jurisdiction endowed with variety of Important Minerals such as COAL, DOLOMITE, BARYTES, CORRUNDUM, QUARTZ, IRON ORE, MICA and DOLERITE DYKE (Black Granite), ARCHAEAN GRANITES (Grey Granites) & EASTERN GHATS (Color Granites).

Mineral Revenue Target and Achievement for the year 2020-21:

The Government have not fixed the Mineral Revenue Target for the financial year 2020-21. The details of Mineral Revenue Achievement is as below:

Mineral Revenue Target Achievement Percentage
Not fixed 4710.698