Telangana Dairy Development Co-Operative Federation Limited Khammam Milk Shed

Description about the Department:

The Government has established Khammam dairy in the year 1975 with a capacity of 20000 liters handling capacity per day and Bulk Milk Cooling Units 6 No’s for procuring milk from various villages under the district there by providing financial assistance for the livelihood of the rural farmers.

Officials Names and details

Sno Name of the Officer Designation Mail Id Contact No
 1 Smt R.Bharatha Lakshmi Dy. Director ddkhm.tsddcf[at]gmail[dot]com 9121160540
2 Sri Dr.G.Naresh Manager ddkhm.tsddcf[at]gmail[dot]com 9640971217
3 Sri P.Ashok Kumar Junior Manager ddkhm.tsddcf[at]gmail[dot]com 9959895460

Departmental Activities:

  1. Procuring milk from rural dairy farmers by giving remunerative price.
  2. Processed milk selling to Urban Consumers on affordable price.
  3. Providing milching animals to milk producers through bank loans depending upon the repaying capacity.
  4. Arranging milk testing equipments i.e. Milk Analyzers/Electronic Milk Testers(EMT) for fat testing.
  5.  Arranging 40 liters milk cans for collecting milk for village level.
  6. Arranging mandal level Bulk Milk Cooling Units for cold chain facility.
  7.  Arranging feed for Farmers from TSDDCF, Feed mixing Plant, Gadwal on cost to cost basis.
  8. Providing to milk producers for animals (buffalos/cows) Mineral Mixture, Calcium, Deworming medicines on subsidy basis.

Description about the department scheme details and related applications:

Under various GOI Schemes 6 No’s Bulk Milk Cooling Units arranged at Mudigonda, Madhira, Yerrupalem,Kamepally, Kalluru and Sathupally.

  1. IDDP X Plan 3 No’s
  2. RKVY 2 No’s
  3. CM Package 1 No

Latest Progress Report:

  1. Present Milk Procurement per day = 7500.0 liters
  2. Present Milk Sales per day = 6500 liters
  3. No. of Milk Routes = 21
  4. No. of Milk Collection Centers = 200
  5. No. of Milk Pourers = 3961

Telangana State Dairy Development Co-Operative Federation Limited,